Californium_screenshot_art (1)

Californium is a first person exploration game where you are a writer trapped into shifting realities.

Will you find what’s behind the simulacra ? Explore the worlds of Californium.

The game play is based on exploration. The player have to find anomalies in the environnement and activate them to reveal a hidden reality. The game takes place in a world made up of several layers of realities. Each reality become one of the four levels of the game.
The Art direction is based on drawing to build a solid visual identity. PNJ’s are drawings directly integrated into the 3D environnement giving Californium a unique touch.

Californium is the first game of Darjeeling.

It is inspired by the life and works of the american sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick. It is also part of a transmedia project with a documentary called « The Worlds of Philip K. Dick ».