Chalo Chalo

Chalo Chalo Screenshot 2560x1440 04

Chalo Chalo is a tactical local multiplayer racing game where planning ahead is more important than speedy reflexes. Up to eight players navigate ever changing landscapes, each hoping to find the optimal path. A selection of upgrades ensures a different winning strategy every race. The levels are generated procedurally which means every race is different. Players can’t rely on memorised race tracks, but will have start every race figuring out the ideal path and approach for that specific level.

We aim to make a highly competitive yet approachable game that is both fun to play and watch. Chalo Chalo is at its best in a party or event setting where groups of people can play and have an audience. New players can drop in at any moment and need little or no explanation to join the races.

The slow paced action and abstract visuals might not suggest energetic matches, but in practice the shouting players often nicely contrast the game’s esthetics.