FAR_Screenshot5_Burning (1)

In FAR the player takes on the role of a machinist, who has to control an extraordinary vehicle. To drive further and further into the desert of a dried out sea, the machinist can move inside and outsi- de the vehicle to use the different functions of his mobile home.
He has to hoist the sails, maintain the furnace to get energy for the engine, activate the headlights, when it’s too dark or even pull the vehicle with a rope. The goal is to drive on without knowing when the road will end. The weather and the road can be a helping friend or a deadly foe.

If the player get’s more and more knowledge and control of the vehicle, uses his resources wisely and reacts to the weather and the road fast enough, he will be able to carry on a successful jour- ney.

FAR has been developed as a bachelor thesis at the ZHdK for the game design BA course in 2015.