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Feist is a computer game for PC, Mac & Linux and was released on July 23rd 2015. The game has won multiple international awards, has been shown at prestigious exhibitions around the world and has been covered by international print and online media.

A beautiful and mesmerizing world conceals the mercilessness of nature and a desperate fight for survival. Multi- award-winning Feist is a fast paced, action packed game full of stunning visuals, lively creatures, and a haunting soundtrack.

Fighting against fierce creatures and ferocious beasts four time his size, the player embarks on a bold hunt to rescue his poor and beloved friend. Chased down by a physical intensity that is rarely seen in games and reminds him of how small and fragile he is, the player has to take full advantage of his agility and the dynamic environment. Using the tools of the woods as well as the other creatures themselves, their traps and their mischief, the player has to fight back and outwit the enemies with his cleverness and reflexes.

In Feist lonely forests, hazardous mountains, dark caves, and glowing swamps act as a stage for the creatures and the player to interact on. The encounters aren’t scripted but instead driven by strong AIs that act independently and make no brawl like the other. All creatures can hurt the player as well as each other and in the resulting skirmish no one will emerge unscathed. Feist’s vivid and organic gameplay is completely based on physics and produces a lot of surprisingly humorous moments.

The Game is haunted by a beautiful and melancholic Soundtrack from Tomek Kolczynski and is brought to life in a handmade cinematic style reminiscent of “Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal” (1982) or “Hedgehog in the
Fog” (1975).