Conference Opening: Investing in the Gaming Industry

21. January 2016
17:00  -  18:00

Conference opening talks

Welcoming talks by Benno Seiler (City of Zurich), Andrew Holland (Director Pro Helvetia)

The gaming industry: the swiss gem

Stefan Schöbi will introduce the professional sessions of Ludicious where he will explain why Engagement Migros supports the gaming industry. He will also give the inside track on some of the Swiss games industry’s success stories.

Investment 101 – not for beginners only

Chris Bergstresser has a great amount of experience in the game industry and he is a member of several studio advisory boards. In his talk he will outline the different paths to finance a game and a studio: from equity investors, to business angels, crowd funding, publishers, M&A and more… He will give a detailed overview of investment in the gaming industry over 2015 as well as a global overview of the opportunities in the games industry going forward.

The state of the gaming industry

With so many business models, players, markets and genres it is not always easy to get your head around the industry as a whole and the opportunities available. Nikola Cavic, Head of Business Development at Nordeus (developer of Top Eleven, the most popular online sports game in the World, with over 10 million active users), will give a concise but complete vision of the gaming market: the gamers, the platforms, the game genres, the territories,  the value chain, the big players, the business models, the key trends.