Nikola Cavic

Nikola Cavic (1)

Nikola Cavic is the head of business development at Nordeus, where he is currently managing all aspects of business development and publishing. Prior to Nordeus, he spent 5 years with CCP Games where he was responsible for sales and global distribution of EVE Online, and has been involved in a number of international projects with global leaders in the gaming industry. Nikola joined Nordeus in February 2012 and has been playing a key role in Top Eleven’s international expansion and corporate development ever since. Nordeus is the developer and publisher of Top Eleven – Be a Football Manager, the most popular social sports game in the world, with over 10 million active users. Nikola holds an M.S. degree in International Business & Marketing from the University of Reykjavik.


21. January 2016
17:00  -  18:00